Contract Services

Your Partner in Parenteral Manufacturing

Nova-Tech is your outsourcing partner for aseptic drug product manufacturing services. We combine high performance customer service with speed and flexibility to manufacture a wide range of parenteral drug products. Our FDA-registered sterile manufacturing facility and proven standard operating procedures ensure consistent quality for fluid therapy pharmaceuticals and custom-manufactured vitamins and nutritionals.

Customized Programs Specifically for Your Company

Nova-Tech’s unique capabilities allow us to operate as a trusted extension of your company. Because animal health is our focus, you are our top priority. Our aim is to develop partnerships that provide value to all.

Regardless of the scope or size of your project, we can create a custom program to meet your individual requirements and exceed your expectations.

With a relentless drive for success, our scientists and business development team will work collaboratively with your team to engineer manufacturing processes and determine the appropriate production scale and packaging that best fit your formulation. We identify and ensure critical information is approved by all parties, so we all understand our individual responsibilities, agree to timelines and budgets, and sign off on the process, protocols and documentation required for a successful project.

We invite you to call upon our experience and expertise in exploring your contract manufacturing needs.


It might be a product coming off patent that you want to develop and market yourself. Or maybe a new proprietary formulation that you want to introduce. Perhaps an animal health product not currently available in North America that you’d like to add to your portfolio.

Regardless of the project, Nova-Tech is uniquely positioned to help you integrate your formulation with the right manufacturing processes, the right packaging and the right distribution to increase your chances for success and profitability.


Supply Chain Management

Our sophisticated supply chain management program is designed to ensure that materials are secured in order to avoid production disruptions and keep projects on schedule and on budget. Customers can benefit from Nova-Tech’s economy of scale and long-standing purchasing relationships.

Our primary suppliers are based in the U.S., just like us. From ingredients to bottles, from stoppers to labels, from corrugated boxes to the tape that seals them—our strong relationship with domestic suppliers all along the supply chain means you can count on timely production and delivery.