Nova-Tech Company History


Established in 1988, Nova-Tech, Inc. has its beginnings manufacturing “raw” animal serums. Within two years, we added capabilities for sterile manufacturing, creating a fully integrated facility for serum manufacturing.

Early on, Nova-Tech anticipated the growth of Large Volume Parenterals (LVPs) and installed an ISO 5 Clean Room and related equipment, setting the stage for the company’s transition from serum to rapid growth within the aseptic manufacturing industry.


In 1998, Nova-Tech began manufacturing over-the-counter Dextrose 50% and Calcium Gluconate 23% LVPs. These products provided the footings for solid and consistent growth as the demand for larger volumes of animal health products exploded.


In 2011, Nova-Tech unveiled its state-of-the-art aseptic fill manufacturing facility in Grand Island, Nebraska. The new plant doubled previous capacity and helped Nova-Tech put a stake in the ground as one of the nation’s leading animal health parenteral manufacturers.

Our continuing rapid growth within animal health manufacturing has led to these recent developments:


In 2015, the addition of 33,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space allowed us the ability to store and control all of our raw materials and finished goods.


In 2016, construction of a 23,000 sq. ft. addition included two production lines including fluid bag filling and small volume parenteral (SVP) filling. Additional space was created for quality and regulatory compliance and a dedicated employee training facility. Type V Vet Master File (VMF) was submitted.


A 2018 expansion included the option for nitrogen application during compounding and packaging.


In 2020, we added another 35,000 sq. ft. for expanded space including terminal sterilization. The Vet Master File was reviewed for the first time.

Nova-Tech continues to anticipate change and challenge within the animal health industry—and we are poised to respond proactively investing in the facilities, equipment and people required to solidify our position as an industry leader and strengthen our valued partnership with customers across North America.