About Us

Pure Performance is what happens when a company decides to do just one thing…but to do it really, really well

Nova-Tech was founded in 1988. We made the decision to specialize in providing aseptic manufacturing services in 1999. We knew that if we focused on that one thing, we could sharpen our skills and streamline our systems to the point where we could become a truly integrated asset to our clients.

It worked.

Today, Nova-Tech is one of the largest FDA-registered parenteral injectable manufacturers for animal health in the U.S., with a state-of-the art, 139,700-square-foot facility dedicated to aseptic fill, including two level 100 filling suites.

So if you’re looking for a partner that will go the extra mile to make sure you’re happy, you’ve found it. Every order — from one-time short runs with special instructions, to long-term standing orders — is handled smoothly and efficiently. We have the capacity to fill large orders and long runs and we’re flexible enough to meet your most demanding production and delivery requirements, from our existing product line or your own formula.

Talk to Nova-Tech. We provide quality aseptic manufacturing services for some of the nation’s leading animal health distributors.  We’re ready to go to work for you, from animal health to pharmaceuticals. For Pure Performance in aseptic manufacturing, contact Nova-Tech.

  • Liquid parenterals
  • Process development and optimization
  • Pilot scale manufacturing
  • Aseptic fill
  • Labeling and packaging
  • Warehousing and shipping